Sometimes it is necessary to use credit cards to cover important expenses such as food, gasoline, and utilities. Using your credit card does come with some risks, though. How do you protect yourself against credit card fraud? According to professionals from companies like SoFi , you can take steps to protect your credit card from becoming a target of card fraud. The first step is to make sure that your credit card is covered by a valid cardholder agreement. The best way to find out whether your card is covered by a valid cardholder agreement is to make a copy of the agreement and ask your card issuer. Some credit card companies allow you to find out the terms of your credit card agreement through their online website. If you’re not sure whether your card’s terms are valid, you can ask your card issuer to send you a copy of your agreement. You’ll want to know if your agreement is still valid, because some terms will become invalid if the card is closed. If your agreement has expired, ask your card issuer to have your account reopened to ensure that the agreement is still in effect. After obtaining your cardholder agreement, you’ll need to register the card and pay your monthly bill. Once your account is open, you’ll also need to pay the monthly membership fee for the card you purchased. What if I have a question about my account?… View Post