First Day At School

First Day At School

My little girl has grown up. Today she starts her school day at prep class. How big she was, wearing her school uniform just like her third grade brother. I was amazed as I still remember giving her birth four and a half years ago, through the hard days of her babyhood. Still remember her first step and her first word. The time seems flying like a bouraq for me.kay

This morning I drove my kids to school, took them to their classroom which is seperated few metres away. I used to have my girl went back home with me after I drove my boy, as she went to kindy only twice a week. So I had her 5 days a week, accompany me during the day. But started this morning, I am completely a full time home alone mum till they get back home in the afternoon.

Well, it’s relieved though that this gives me oppotunities to do all the houseworks or  to take a deep breath after a hectic morning preparing the kids before school or to finish my study and tasks. The funny thing is, all I can do now is nothing. I dont know what to do even I have written my long to do lists before, I have no idea how to start. It’s silly, isn’t it?

I just remembered what the teacher said to me before I left my baby this morning, “Are you brave?” I laughed in a grin face. I think she could read my mind or she saw my horrified face. Hahahahaha. Yeah, she knew that the only person who worry about her/his child first day at school is the parent. Not the child her/himself. Well, some children do. But not my daughter. She stayed on her seat confidently doing her colouring book. She didn’t even show her worry when I said goodbye.

Alhamdulillah, even I’m still worried about everything. I’m worried if she can go to the toilet by herself which is quite far from the classroom. I’m worried if she needs to tell something but she can’t say it. I’m worried about small stuff and being silly. I know that.

Now all I can do and I’m sure about is praying. Praying to Allah that only Him can take care of my children whenever I’m not around. Allah is the best caretaker, the One who watches and guards my children in every way. It’s relieved that I have Allah to count on, to rely on, to ask for. No need to worry as long as I have Him in my heart. Alhamdulillah.

Emerald, Quensland, January 28, 2013


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